Athlon 64 2.0GHz 2GB 200GB ATI x1050

Athlon 64 2.0GHz 2GB 200GB ATI x1050
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€75.00 €60.00

Product Information
This desktop is ideal for:
  • Users performing basic tasks;
  • Excel Spreadsheets; 
  • Word documents; 
  • Internet surfing; 
  • Basic image editing
CPU : Athlon 64 3000+ 2.0GHz
  • 2.00GHz
  • Single core
  • Socket type 754
  • MMX, 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2
  • Threads:    1 thread
  • L2 cache:    1 MB
  • L2 cache per core:    1 MB/core
GPU : ATI Radeon x1050
  • Max Resolution  2048 x 1536
  • Max Monitors Supported  2
  • Interfaces  
  • 1 x VGA  1 x DVI-I  
  • GPU Clock 250 MHz
  • Memory Clock 200 MHz 
    400 MHz effective
Memory : 2GB

This computer comes with 2GB of RAM. 2GB of RAM is a huge performance boost over 1GB of RAM; allowing you to run more applications with less lag time between actions. This is the enough amount of RAM for basic users. 2GB of RAM is enough for basic photo or video editing. Please check the system requirements of any advanced software you plan on using.

HDD : 200GB

This computer comes with a 200GB HDD. This is enough space for most users. If you need more space, we recommend using an external hard drive or pendrive. We hold our hard drives to a higher standard than our competition. All of our drives score 99% or better on a SMART test. They are very reliable and should perform well for years.

  • VGA, DVI-I (HDMI with adaptor); S-Video
  • 7x USB
  •  IEEE1394; FireWire
  • 5.1ch Audio + Front audio; Optical audio, RCA
  • COM; LPT; PS2
  • RJ45; RJ14



  • Windows 10
  • all drivers
  • Chrome, Opera, Comodo 
  • Free Antivirus & Online Protection Software 
  • Open Office (Word, Exel, Database, Presentation, Vector, Mats)
  • Multimedia Pack (Codecs & player) 

We have developed a computer refurbishing process that ensures all computers pass a series of refurbishment stages and meet the highest quality control standards.

All computers that meet our standards are deemed “Certified Refurbished”, which is our symbol for quality and reliability.

Product Code PCATHL2GH
Manufacturer Refurbished Grade B
Condition Used
Weight 7.000kg

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