Intel E5300 2.6GHz 2GB 250GB GF7100

Intel E5300 2.6GHz 2GB 250GB GF7100
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Product Information
This desktop is ideal for:
  • Users performing medium tasks
  • Students and office
  • Home and busy office
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Simple image and video editing
CPU : Intel E5300 2.60GHz Dual-Core

This refurbished computer features an Intel Dual-Core processor. The processors are based on either the 32-bit Yonah or (with quite different microarchitectures) 64-bit Merom-2M, Allendale, and Wolfdale-3M core, targeted at mobile or desktop computers.In terms of features, price and performance at a given clock frequency, Pentium Dual-Core processors were positioned above Celeron but below Core and Core 2 microprocessors in Intel's product range. The Pentium Dual-Core was also a very popular choice for overclocking, as it can deliver optimal performance (when overclocked) at a low price.

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 7100

The GeForce 7100 + nForce 630i was an integrated graphics solution by NVIDIA, launched in October 2007. Built on the 90 nm process, and based on the C73 graphics processor, in its NF-7100 variant, the device supports DirectX 9.0c. It features 4 pixel shaders and 1 vertex shaders, 2 texture mapping units and 2 ROPs. Due to the lack of unified shaders you will not be able to run recent games at all (which require unified shader/DX10+ support). The GPU is operating at a frequency of 600 MHz. 
Its power draw is not exactly known. GeForce 7100 + nForce 630i is connected to the rest of the system using a PCI interface.

Memory : 2GB

This computer comes with 2GB of RAM. 2GB of RAM is a huge performance boost over 2GB of RAM; allowing you to run more applications with less lag time between actions. This is the enough amount of RAM for medium users. Please check the system requirements of any advanced software you plan on using.

Storage HDD : 250GB 

This computer comes with a 250GB HDD for data and software. This is enough space for most users. We hold our hard drives to a higher standard than our competition. All of our drives score 99% or better on a SMART test. They are very reliable and should perform well for years.

  • VGA
  • 6x USB
  • 2.1ch Audio + Front audio
  • COM; PS2
  • RJ45



  • Windows 10
  • all drivers
  • Chrome, Opera, Comodo 
  • Free Antivirus & Online Protection Software 
  • Open Office (Word, Exel, Database, Presentation, Vector, Mats)
  • Multimedia Pack (Codecs & player) 

We have developed a computer refurbishing process that ensures all computers pass a series of refurbishment stages and meet the highest quality control standards.

All computers that meet our standards are deemed “Certified Refurbished”, which is our symbol for quality and reliability.

Product Code INT76OMK0
Manufacturer Refurbished Grade A
Condition Used
Weight 9.000kg

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